Cabin Fever

The boredom has set in. My legs long to move in the sand.

The great Northwest of the USA is on fire. The Chetco Bar fire started over a month ago around 20 miles from our town. The fire is out of control and has grown to over 100,000 acres. The fire is less than 12 miles from us now and the smoke has covered our town. Most people have headaches, sore throats and eyes and some are having issues breathing.

I thought about leaving town this weekend for health reasons. I need to breath. I figured I may go to my parents’ house and breath the clean air next to the river. Now, they are in the middle of a fire and the highway just shut down. They live about 8 hours away and there are many fires in-between. There have also been a few fires on our beach since the big fire started. You would think that people would use their brains and realize the heat and dryness would be dangerous adding a fire to the mix. Plus, the firefighters are trying to save our wonderful forests.InkedSmoke from Chetco_LI

Ash is falling down and the sky is full of smoke. The air is thick and it is hard to breath. The sun is red and the sky has an orange tint. The windows are closed in attempts to keep the smoke out. The house is hot and muggy. The boredom has set in. My legs long to move in the sand. My face needs the air and sand to beat against my face. My lungs desire the coolness of the ocean breeze.

My poor pup longs for the same thing. Jax is so mad at me. He doesn’t understand why we can’t go out on a walk. He doesn’t understand that if I let him out for more than just a few minutes to relieve himself that the smoke will coat his throat and lungs. My pup-pup has been whining and trying to get me outside all day. I told him tomorrow, no matter what, we will go on a walk….. because I told my husband, no matter what, I need OUT!!!Jax

I wish I would have made better decisions when it came to my health this weekend while I was stuck in the house, but I didn’t. It is, what it is. I am not going to hold on to it. It is muggy and hard to breath. I stressed/lonely ate more than dealt with my feelings. I sat and then cleaned rather than get a few good work outs in. I will focus on the good from this weekend.

I relaxed this weekend. My husband has really been pushing me to relax and take care of my mental health. I colored instead of folding laundry. (Yes, I color. And I always have, even before it became a trend.) I had a good workout this morning and here and there I did 5 minute workouts. I chose veggies and fruits instead of carbs for some of my snacks. When the air clears I can’t wait to go on walks and eat some fruit on the back patio.

Pray for rain for the fires and pray that the water recedes in Texas. The Red Cross has been helping so many people the last month and for the first time I have seen in person what they do for others. We have been blessed that we do not need help but for a while they were set up across the street from our house. My husband has also talked to the volunteers and we now know that for many people with the Red Cross, this is what they do all year long. They travel to help others. We have decided that when we have extra we will be giving to the Red Cross and I encourage you to do the same.

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Picture of smoke and Jax are my own