Healthy living, cooking, child care, animals, marriage, emotions, faith and adventures. What do these things have in common? Life. My life. I burn mac and cheese when I get distracted, but I also make crackers and bread from scratch. I irritate my husband and we get into heated arguments sometimes. I am in love with my husband and know I am loved. I used to have a fear of dogs. I am a mama to a bearded dragon, a hedgehog and an amazing loving Pitbull Boxer. I know the portions that I should eat and I enjoy exercise, however, I am an obese emotional eater who needs to make exercising a priority. I love God with all I have, but struggle constantly to lead a life He would be proud of. My passion is working with children but there are days that I am tired and the kids are always teaching me something new. I have been told that I always seem happy and brighten peoples’ days, but oh, the fights I endure daily with my severe depression. I enjoy going to random adventures with my Charming but the biggest adventure is the one of life. Join me on my adventure and let’s learn, live, love and have fun together.

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