Make It Work For YOU

I did what was good for me and my body.

On my birthday this year, June 29, I decided my goal was to lose at least 7 pounds a month. I will weigh in, take measurements and take pictures on the 29th of each month. In July, I did fairly well but didn’t really have a plan. I lost a little more than 3 pounds. This month I felt like a failure. I let “injuries” get in the way, barely paid attention to my eating, exercised here and there but didn’t push myself. I didn’t have concrete enough goals. I lost 0.2 pounds. Even my last post was too vague. I need a plan. I need a change. I have done it once before and I will do it again. I just need to change what I am doing this time to fit my life now.

I put injuries in quotations above because it’s more of weak bones and muscles. As a kid, I sprained my ankle… a lot. I was told I needed surgery on both my ankles but we didn’t have money so I learned to just push through the pain during p.e., volleyball and long walks. I broke one wrist and sprained the other and now they occasionally give me pain if I hold the weights a certain way or don’t pay attention to the slight pain until it really hurts. I am also 20 pounds heavier than the last time I was really working out. I have been trying to be more in tune with my body. I have pushed the pain out for so long that I don’t pay attention until it really hurts and then I am down and out for weeks instead of just taking it easy for a day or two. My husband has been telling me to invest in better shoes and invest in my health and now that he has something to train for he needs to invest in some new gear. Today I am going over finances and switching some of our priorities. We are in a debt snowball that I will write about later, but I am so focused on that and those goals that I forgot that I will ruin those goals with medical bills if I don’t get myself in check.

I wrote the first part of this blog in the middle of the day during glorious naptime. I made a note that I was going to write about my husband and what I was wanting from him. I was longing for him to workout with me. To push me. To motivate me. I almost looked at him like that magic thing that would change my world. Don’t get me wrong, he certainly has changed my world, but not in the “Let’s take a cute IG pic of how much weight we lost,” sort of way. I have to push myself. I have to challenge myself. I am charge of my own destiny. With all that said, my sweet husband worked out with me tonight.

This morning I did some yoga and cardio. It was pretty weak, but I did something. Throughout the day I found things that worked for me. I wanted to do a few sets of leg lifts, squats, knee to elbow, side turns and other things. I did a few but the baby needed me so instead of giving up I grabbed the baby and did some squats with her and lifted her above my head. Later I was on the floor with her and she was crawling all over me so I laid on my back and used the baby as a weight. That may have been too much for some people and for others it may have been part of their everyday. It was perfect for me! When my Charming got home we had planned on going on a walk and he was talking about doing a jog and we were trying to decide if we were going to meet halfway or what. He then mentioned that I should jog with him. I was horrified. I told him earlier that I would support him, so I told him that I would do it. We walked the first mile to stretch out and warm up. He would occasionally run with the dog and then come back to me. His walk is so fast. It took everything in me to be within 20feet of him. When we got to the Jetty it was time to turn back and start pushing even harder. Charming and I decided that we would do what was best for us individually. He ran/jogged to a point and then would walk back to me. I pushed myself. I slowed down when I pushed myself past the limit and could feel it in my ankles and knees. I would do a brisk walk and then pick up a jog again. I was so slow, having problems breathing, wiggling and jiggling all about, but I did it! And it was what worked for me. I didn’t do what worked for Andy. I didn’t do what worked for someone on social media. I did what was good for me and my body.

I laid out a plan that works for me this morning in my journal. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am planning on doing Yoga, cardio and then working on my arms. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am going to work on my legs. My Saturdays belong to the sweetest pup, Jax. I will take him on long walks on the beach. On Sundays, I will only do a leisurely walk after church. I am not sure if I will make jogs a regular part of my life but I will be taking walks with the babies or with my husband after work.

What do you do throughout the day to get a workout in? Do you schedule your workouts around your day or your day around your workouts? I need some ideas for simple at home workouts, what are your favorites?

Author: aimeeelaine18

I am a hardworking, loving women who is crazy about her husband and sweet pup. I spend too much time cooking and I am on the edge of being a hippie. I am passionate about teaching children in ways that work for them individually. And I love going on beach adventures whenever I can.

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