Small Changes=Big Changes

I am at a point in my life where I truly do need something different with my health.

For years I have struggled with my weight. I have loved it and I have hated it. I have taken responsibility and I have placed blame. I have eaten healthy and moved my body every day for months. There have been months that I have eaten emotionally and taken a nap every day.

The highest I have weighed in is 297 pounds. I know I was more than that but I got to a point where I didn’t want to weigh in. I have been slowly eating healthy and being more active and have lost more than 10 pounds again. Weight is a frustrating thing, always moving up and down. I am more than my weight though.

I am at a point in my life where I truly do need something different with my health. My husband and I like going on hikes but it has gotten harder for me to do so. I work with children but I have realized that I don’t move as fast when I get up and down with the kids all day. I have become inactive without knowing it. I subconsciously knew it but the days have flown by and I look back and wonder what I have done with my body.

In the past, I have been a nanny and would take the baby or child on walks. I would walk anywhere from one to three miles a day, sometimes twice a day. During nap time, I would try and work out for at least 20 minutes if everything else was done. While we played outside I was doing yoga if they wanted to play alone or doing squats while blowing bubbles. I wanted the change, I was actively seeking a healthier life. Times changed, jobs changed and I started gaining wait back, which leads me where I am today.

Currently I am doing childcare from my house. I have 3 kids in my care all under the age of two and with slightly different schedules. I no longer do random exercise moves in my front room because we have a large window and people in the apartments…. And other complete strangers are often standing outside my window (It really is an uncomfortable situation. We have actually had people walk up and try and ask us questions about our bearded dragon through the closed glass window.). I used to do yoga in my backyard before we moved towns. I now have a patio that all the apartments can look down into, (I wish I was being paranoid but I have a creep of a neighbor who has run out to the common grass to talk to me and the only way that he could have known I was out there was from watching out the second story window… its happened more than once.). It sounds like a lot of negative things that will keep me from being the healthy person I long to be.

I am not one to quit. I am a thinker, an innovator and a doer. There are days that I have the baby a full hour before the toddlers come over, I can go for a quick walk then. Today while I was in the kitchen I was doing leg lifts and squats and getting the babies to cheer for me. I have turned my bedroom into a peaceful place where I can do yoga during nap or in the evening while my husband is studying or gaming. On the weekends, I plan to go on long walks with my pup. My husband has something he would like to get in better shape for and mentioned that he would like to start walking/jogging in the evening. You didn’t see me write anything about waking up early because I am not there yet. I have been trying to wake up but I just don’t get up. I am the kind of person who will jump out of a bunk bed and turn their alarm off and climb back in without ever waking up, ask my dad about my high-school days.

I am going to find what works for me and start adding stuff in. I know that waking up early is not something that I can depend on right know so I am not going to put all my desires into that and get disappointed and discouraged because I didn’t wake up. No, I am going to be active with the babies, fur and human, and start changing my life that way. What small thing have you found that really has been a big change for you? Everyone has something different but maybe you can help someone else by suggesting it!

Author: aimeeelaine18

I am a hardworking, loving women who is crazy about her husband and sweet pup. I spend too much time cooking and I am on the edge of being a hippie. I am passionate about teaching children in ways that work for them individually. And I love going on beach adventures whenever I can.

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